Saturday, January 16, 2010

PT Ruma

I am leaving tonight for Jakarta on a three week project to assist PT Ruma, a recently formed social business in Indonesia that provides profitable business opportunities for the poor in under-served communities. GF has provided a start-up grant to cover PT Ruma’s first nine months of operations. I will be working with GF program managers and the leadership and staff of PT Ruma in developing internal financial systems and controls, advising on business strategy and reviewing the business plan in anticipation of securing the next round of financing for the business. I am very excited about this opportunity and will be sharing my experience via this blog. Hope you find it interesting. Feel free to send questions. Next post will be from Jakarta.


  1. Good luck, Dan. Can't think of a better guy to save the world. Stay safe and watch out for earthquakes, for God's sake!


  2. Safe journey, My Dear Daniel. Sounds like a "win/win" situation for all. And . . . in your spare time you can write your memoir.
    Thanks for keeping me in the loop,

  3. Safe journey Dan. Glad to see that you are able to work towards your goal that we all share.